Get your products into the hands of on-premise influencers

Bar Box is an on-premise sample, trial and sales-driving system, targeting 4,000 of the most influential pubs, bars and clubs in metropolitan areas across Australia.

How it works

Purchase a slot in Bar Box from our sales representative. Slots are limited in each run!

One slot in Bar Box will get you one product in the sampler box, a double page spread in Bar Box Magazine, and a designated space on the Bar Box Deal Sheet.

You’ll be given specifications for your DPS ad space in Bar Box magazine. Provide us with your ad and with your offer to place on the Deal Sheet.

Approximately 21 days before Bar Box is distributed, you’ll receive instructions on how and where to send your products.

Bar Box will be distributed all across Australia and all you need to do is sit back and wait for the phones to start ringing and the orders to come in!

What Is BarBox?

Bar Box is an on-premise sample, trial and sales-driving system, targeting 4,000 of the most influential on-premise venues in metropolitan areas all across Australia.

Bar Box is a sampler box of products specifically targeting on-premise influencers and potential customers for trial and order. Bar Box Magazine and the Bar Box Deal Sheet are also enclosed with the products. Bar Box Magazine features a double page spread ad space on each of the enclosed products, and the Bar Box Deal Sheet is your opportunity to incentivise sales of your product.

In three cycles per year (Winter, Spring and Summer), Bar Box goes out to all the on-premise subscribers of the key industry publications BARS&clubs and Australian Hotelier.

Who’s receiving my product?

Bar Box is sent to on-premise subscribers of BARS&clubs and Australian Hotelier magazines – in short, bar managers, owners and publicans. The key decision makers. Currently, there are around 4,000 subscribers who will receive Bar Box each cycle, and these subscribers are distributed throughout metropolitan areas all across Australia.

What happens when they receive The BarBox?

When our carefully-selected on-premise influencers receive Bar Box, they will trial your product at their leisure, and read about it in your own double-page spread contained within Bar Box Magazine.

If they’re impressed by your product, they can take advantage of the deal you have on offer on the Bar Box Deal Sheet and they’ll be able to place an order for it directly from their representative (if within a territory) or from your B2B website or call centre.

What are the benefits for my brand?

Bar Box puts your product samples in 4,000 of your most important customers’ hands for the unbelievable cost of only $4 per unit. Compare this to the cost of getting a rep to an outlet – we estimate industry averages to be between $50-$70 per call!

With Bar Box’s subscriber network and distribution, you’ll be able to reach customers in areas where you don’t presently have a sales force, expanding your potential for new customers and sales.

We understand that one of the primary drivers of sales is trial and sampling. Bar Box will place your product directly in the hands of key customers, giving them the opportunity to try it, and a glossy double-page ad in Bar Box Magazine will drive home the key benefits and points of difference for your product.

Bar Box gives you the opportunity to open new accounts and start dialogues with new customers off the backs of their first purchases.

Use Bar Box to cut in your products on the back bar, driving reorder of products as they empty.

Media partners

Bar Box benefits from the market penetration of the leading industry titles Australian Hotelier and BARS&clubs. Their combined subscription database comprises more than 11,000 pubs and bars throughout Australia. From this on-premise ‘universe’, Bar Box targets 4,000 venues in metropolitan regions.

Long established as the credible go-to source of advice and news for pub and bar operators, Australian Hotelier and BARS&clubs will also provide marketing support for Bar Box.